This cookie policy clarifies users about the procedures for collecting information by storing cookies on the devices they use to browse the UCP Online Store, webpage owned by Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Centro de Publicações (UCP) based in Palma de Cima, Lisbon.

Cookies are automatic information collection and recognition procedures that allow users to be identified as recurring and whose purpose is to personalize and improve their experience as users of a website. Cookies are small text files, also called connection reports, which are stored on the electronic device used to access the site until the user decides to delete them. Under no circumstances do cookies damage or interfere with the normal operation of the devices, however, they are not fundamental to the use of the webpage and the user may choose to reject or delete them.

Unless the user sets the browser to reject them, cookies will be automatically generated by our webpage.

What kind of cookies exists?

·         session cookies - are temporary, are not recorded on the hard disk of the device and are active through the browser only during the time the session takes. The information obtained serves to improve the browsing experience by analyzing traffic on the webpage.

·       persistent cookies - are stored on the device's hard disk. The webpage reads it whenever the user makes a visit and is used to facilitate registration, log-in and payment processes. 

What are cookies for?

·        strictly necessary cookies - all that are needed to correctly navigate the webpage, access secure areas or make payments.

·        functionality cookies - ensure the correct loading of the webpage content. 

·        analytical cookies - anonymous, are intended to compile statistical data on webpage activity to ensure the best browsing experience. 

·         third-party cookies - used by social networks, external content contributions or location apps, among others, and intend to measure the success of third-party activities.

How to manage cookies?

It is possible to configure cookies in the "options" or "preferences" menu of the browser. All browsers allow you to accept, decline or delete cookies, however, when we refuse cookies, we may prevent some services provided by the webpage from working properly, partially or totally affecting the navigation and, in the case of the UCP Online Store, the purchase.

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