A Universidade Católica Portuguesa was officially founded in 1967 and since then has become a reference institution in Portugal.“Católica”, as it is known by all, has also become a brand of recognized value, synonymous with high quality in higher education.

In 1999, encouraged by the requests of many of our students, we decided to translate this notoriety into personalized products with the UCP logo. We started with simple articles for daily use like notebooks and notepads, then we moved on to the institutional pins that bring us together as a community, especially the alumni, we venture into clothing (our sweatshirts have become as popular as the university itself), and currently we have a wide collection of practical, decorative and clothing items that show the value attached to our University.

In 2020, the UCP online store puts all of our products at a distance of just a few clicks. With several forms of payment and deliveries across Europe , we believe we are even closer to you.  

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